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History comes alive during White Plains reenactment of Revolutionary War battle

Historians commemorate 18th-century clash between British, American soldiers


WHITE PLAINS — Revolutionary heroes could be seen in the flesh during the White Plains Historical Society’s reenactment of the Revolutionary War Battle of White Plains on Sunday.

On the grounds of the Purdy's House, reenactors set up a war campsite where they performed military drills and took part in interactive demonstrations of camp life.

"There were about 4,000 British against 1,600 Americans on top of Chatterton hill. Where we're standing now was the right wing of the American army,” reenactor Denis Jones said. “The actual formal fighting took place on Chatterton Hill about a half a mile southwest of here."

The ceremony was held at the home of Jacob Purdy, which was used as George Washington's headquarters in 1778 during the Revolutionary War. The house is also listed on the national register of historic places.

"It's important that we remember people that helped establish this country," reenactor George Warnecke said.

Reenactors say the battle is important to Westchester's long history.

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