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‘Addy and Uno’ shares powerful anti-bullying message

Off-Broadway musical seeks to teach students about disability, kindness, inclusion


NEW ROCHELLE — Off-Broadway musical “Addy and Uno,” which shares an anti-bullying message, performed at Albert Leonard Middle School on Tuesday. The story — told using puppets — follows a young mathematician named Uno, who has autism, as he enters a math competition. Uno and his friends are bullied; however, he becomes a hero by the end of the show.

Producer of the show Tom Domdangora said the message he hopes to share is that everyone is special. He also hopes the play will teach about disability, kindness, and inclusion.

"[The story has] an amazing anti-bullying message and an amazing story about kindness and inclusion, which we all need a lot more of," Domdangora said.

Students who have disabilities said they were greatly impacted by the performance.

"I have ADHD, and I have a high tone and low tone in my ears. Well, this play really went inside of me because I have a lot of friends at this school and with disabilities. They show what they really are on the inside, how smart they are, and stuff like that," student Nicholas said.

Performer Noah Pyzik said he was very happy with how people reacted to the play.

"It is so fulfilling and fills our heart with love to see these kids learning from this show. We really want all kids to see this show and learn that everyone’s uniqueness makes them special," Pyzik said.

Students said the play also though them how to better handle situations where they see others bullied.

“I liked the play because it meant a lot to me. Because I know kids that have been bullied,” student Giovanni said. “It really meant a lot to me. I learned how to be more of an upstander and not a bully."

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