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$28M development plan considered in Pelham

Residents: Development should done in moderation


PELHAM – A $28 million development plan is being considered in the village of Pelham. The Westchester County industrial development agency has approved nearly $1.5 million in tax exemptions to Matriarch Development, according to

Neighbors who live in the area said development should be encouraged, however, they believe it has to be in moderation to those who work and live in the surrounding areas.

"As long as the Board of Trustees remembers that things have to be built in the context where we as a village can accommodate without further taxing a much too high taxed village then development should go on," Pelham resident Rosemary Brooke said.

In exchange for the tax breaks, the builders said the project will create almost 150 construction jobs and 26 permanent jobs.

The area being considered is currently sitting empty and fenced off and has not been used since a gas station left the property over two decades ago.

Some said it's the right place to build.

"I think in these areas of Westchester County where housing is expensive we need more housing otherwise the places become unaffordable," Pelham resident Alfred Spector said.

Plans call for one four-story apartment building with more than 50 units as well as retail space. The building would also have a two-story underground parking garage.

"This area has been building the last couple years in a big way, and I think if it adds to the economy and it adds jobs for people its overall a good idea,” New Rochelle resident John Gangi said.

Officials announced that a public hearing on the proposal will be held at the village board's meeting on Aug. 14. Following that meeting, a final vote could be taken.

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