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New York Medical College awarded $750K in state funding for anti-terrorism program

State Senator Terrance Murphy says acts of terrorism happen every day, New York is a high profile target


VAHALLA – The New York Medical College Center of Excellence in Precision Responses to Bioterrorism and Disaster has been awarded $750,000 in state funding. State Sen. Terrence Murphy helped secure the initial and increased funding for the center said there is an act of terrorism virtually every day throughout the world, and New York is high profile target.

"To be able to put the collaboration of everybody together, to be preventive when something happens is common sense. And that's what this is all about to make sure that our men and women are prepared when something happens," Murphy said. "We have seen the active shooters all too often in our schools, in Las Vegas, and other parts. They can practice right here in this facility.”

The funding will allow NYMC to expand its research on preparedness planning, training, and response strategies for community-wide emergencies. That involves disaster simulation and real-world training scenario-based.

"I hope that it will allow people to feel safer because the first responders and the hospitals will be better prepared to respond and if these events were to ever occur in New York," Director Michael Reilley said.

Dr. Laura Iavicoli who works in the emergency room said the hospital itself is always extremely busy especially their emergency rooms.

"We function at 110 percent capacity 24/7," Iavicoli said. "So this training was so helpful it kept our physicians, nurses, physician assistant engaged. It taught us a multitude of hands-on practical information about taking care of mass casualty events.”

This funding will allow NYMC to expand the training programs throughout the State of New York.

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