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2nd blast captured on surveillance footage inside New Windsor cosmetics plant

Investigators are using the video to figure out what caused the explosions that killed 1 and injured over 125


NEW WINDSOR — Surveillance footage that captured the second blast at the New Windsor cosmetics plant could help investigators learn more about what caused one of the two deadly explosions, sources say.

Newburgh firefighters say the second explosion went off in the rear of Verla International's cosmetics plant about 25 minutes after the first blast at 10:19 a.m. on Monday.

The second explosion killed 57-year-old employee William Huntington and injured eight Newburgh firefighters trying to rescue Huntington.

125 people were treated following the twin explosions and fire. A St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital spokesperson said Wednesday that they are all out of the hospital.

"In a matter of seconds, you know they were pretty deep in, everything just turned red and everything was on fire around them," Acting Fire Chief of the Newburgh Fire Department Terry Ahlers said.

Maureen Finnerty, a former co-worker says Huntington worked in the lab at the plant.

"We actually sat next to each other. He was a really, really nice man, very dedicated to his work there. Always willing to help," Finnerty said.

The Orange County Executive's Office says the State Department of Labor is helping the employees who are now unemployed.

As for the plant, the town's building department is waiting for Verla International to make a decision on what to do next.

"We are just sitting here waiting to see what their intentions are if they are going to rebuild or not. To build or rebuild," Town Supervisor George Green said. “It's not structurally sound, there is a large part of it still missing.”

The plant manufactured and packaged nail polish, perfumes, and other highly flammable products.

State and county officials are not able to give any further information about what caused the incident, but the State Department of Environmental Conservation continues to monitor the air and water quality near the plant.

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