Josh RhodenJan 24, 2018, 11:56 pmJan 25, 2018, 3:56 pm

3 formerly low-performing Mount Vernon schools now in good standing

School officials say the progress was made through a community effort


MOUNT VERNON — At a press conference Wednesday, Mount Vernon Superintendent Kenneth Hamilton praised the progress of three schools that were not meeting state standards.

"We are very proud that these three schools that are being represented today have moved their school accountability status to one of good standing.Aand that is quite an accomplishment for us,” Dr. Kenneth Hamilton said.

Rebecca Turner Elementary, Columbus Elementary, and Hamilton School were on the list of schools in New York-state needing priority attention. The state’s education department defines a priority school as one that has been identified as among the lowest-performing 5 percent of title schools in the state over three years. Principals from the three schools say getting off the priority list was a collaborative effort. Jamal Doggett, principal of Rebecca Turner Elementary, says his school found out where students were lacking and set goals for every student.

Dr. Kenneth Hamilton says there are still three schools in his district that need improvement but are on their way to becoming another success story.

"Those schools have made progress, and we are hopeful that next year we will be celebrating all of our schools in good standing,” he said.

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