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AG: School bus companies in Westchester subpoenaed for racking up red light camera tickets

Eric Schneiderman says loophole allows drivers' tickets to go unreported


YONKERS — The New York Attorney General's Office has identified nearly 15,000 red light camera violations by several school bus companies in Westchester and Suffolk counties. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the tickets have gone under the radar because the law does not require drivers to report their tickets.

"Unfortunately, the state has a loophole you can drive the largest bus through," says Schneiderman.

He is proposing changes to the state's bus safety laws to keep bus companies accountable.

"Bus companies today are not required to report those tickets to the department of motor vehicles. The stature governing school bus safety and reporting requirements have never been updated to take into account the widespread use of red light cameras," says Schneiderman.

As a result of the report, Schneiderman's office subpoenaed 15 school bus companies in both counties.

Red light camera violations don't put points on a driver's license and it's often hard to prove who is driving the vehicle. According to the report, 174 drivers in both counties had multiple red light camera tickets within the last three years.

"A driver could theoretically rack up dozens of red light tickets and never lose their license," says Schneiderman.

Schneiderman is calling on the state to make three proposed changes.

Bus companies must be required to report red light camera tickets and offending drivers to the DMV. Bus companies must consider red light camera offenses in their evaluations of drivers. And finally, bus companies should provide a detailed annual report to the school districts they serve.

The attorney general hopes to have the proposed new changes in front of the legislature when it reconvenes in Albany.



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