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Astorino announces $6M in grants for youth programs

WCA Executive Director Cora Greenberg says Astorino’s grant selection deviates her ‘charts’


WHITE PLAINS — County Executive Rob Astorino recently announced $6 million in grants will be awarded to 34 different youth agencies in Westchester County.

The money is a part of Westchester's “Invest in Kids Program,” established in 1993, which uses taxpayer dollars to help support at-risk youth agencies such as after-school programs, academic support, job readiness, and more. However, according to the Westchester Children's Association known as WCA, the agencies awarded funding this year were not according to plan.

“Everyone was shocked because the announcement of the grant selection did not correspond to the numerical rankings that application had received,” says Westchester Children’s Association Executive Director Cora Greenberg.

Greenburg says she doesn't understand how the county executive’s choices to fund certain programs could deviate so far from her charts.

“We feel that it is incumbent upon the administration to explain their decisions because, ultimately, this money belongs to the taxpayers of Westchester County. Its purpose is to support young people and their development, and we want to make sure the money is going to the highest quality, most effective programs. And there is no evidence in this grant-making process that that is what has happened,” says Greenberg

The county executive could not be reached for comment.

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