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Pineview Road residents concerned about dangerous crossroad, access to their homes

Clarkstown supervisor: The current crossing doesn’t meet standards


WEST NYACK – Residents of Pineview Road in West Nyack have only one way to access their homes and that is across a railway crossing. The main concern is the crossing will permanently close, forcing residents to drive through Bradley Corporate Park, a car dealership whose gates are not always open.

The railroad crossing is owned and operated by CSX. Unlike other crossings across the state this one does not have standard safety features. Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann said residents have had concerns about the CSX Rail Crossing for over 30 years. Hoehmann said often times a train will stop and block the crossing for several hours.

“It's a current crossing that doesn’t meet standards today. There’s no gates, there’s flashing lights but no gates that come down when a train comes through. There have been issues in the past and CSX has indicated that they want this situation dressed. They've made no deadline or timeframe for it to be addressed they just want it dressed,” Hoehmann said.

Hoehmann recalled some of the struggles residents have experienced.

“From day to day they may not know if a train is going to stop there or not and potentially block the roadway for an hour or two or three. One resident when she was pregnant had to climb under a train to get to the hospital to deliver a baby,” Hoehmann said.

CSX released a statement to FiOS1 News.

"CSX has been working very closely with local elected officials as they work to develop a viable plan for alternate access to the homes and businesses on Pineview Road. The safety of the neighboring community is CSX's greatest concern, and we're committed to working with local officials on a resolution. At this time, there is no projected timeline for the closure of this crossing."

Hoehmann said there will be upcoming meetings with all stakeholders, CSX, the residents and the owner of Bradley Corporate Park.

“I'm not in favor of any closure at this point. We're not supportive of that. We're supportive of the residents and their expectations that they will have some form of access into the property they bought,” Hoehmann said.

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