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Catholic Charities provides hurricane relief efforts in Rockland County

Haverstraw charity helps Hurricane Maria survivors in NY rebuild their lives


Haverstraw — Thousands of people from Puerto Rico were forced to leave their homes unable to deal with the conditions in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

In Rockland County, Catholic Charities Community Services is helping storm victims affected by Hurricane Maria who have come to New York to rebuild their lives.

Enid Rosa and her two children called Rincon, Puerto Rico home and are now living in Spring Valley after the devastation of the hurricane.

"Because of the storm surge we had to leave our stuff, leave everything and go to higher ground," Rosa says.

Catholic Charities has helped at least 10 families from Puerto Rico that came to Rockland. The agency offered a food pantry, clothing donations and help in any way they could.

"As much as this is a tragedy, there is so much joy I get or we get from helping people," says Catholic Charities Community Service of Rockland Executive Director Martha Robles.

More than half the island of Puerto Rico remains without power.

"I don't understand why it's taking them so long or why it has to be so political. Why does it have to be all about money when people are dying there?" says Rosa.

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