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Columbus statue in White Plains is set to become landmark

The Antonio Meucci Lodge holds their annual Columbus Day wreath-laying ceremony at the statue every year


Sunday in Tibbits Park dozens celebrated the statue of Christopher Columbus in honor of Columbus Day on Oct. 9.

The statue has stood in the same location for more than 100 years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

"The statue will always be here and always be an entrance to the future and new generations to come and with the hope to achieve anything they want in this country," says Former Antonio Meucci Lodge #213 President Rose Tassone.

The statue was recently given landmark status by the city's historic preservation commission but still needs to be approved by the Common Council.

If approved, the statue would be an official landmark, protected from being changed in any way.

The Antonio Meucci Lodge held their annual Columbus Day wreath-laying ceremony at the statue, something the organization has done for years.

Some people are concerned about honoring Columbus because many do not agree with his handling of indigenous cultures.

"We had some opposition of people feeling like the statue of Columbus being here was not worthy of being recognized as a landmark. They think that only because of past history. What we forget is that we have to remember that the past history and what happened then is not what is indigenous to what happens today,” says Tassone.

The ceremony is always held the day before Christopher Columbus Day to accommodate, and not interfere, with the official holiday parade.



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