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Drivers beware: Cashless tolling could cost drivers massive fines and late fees

Thruway authority threatens to suspend car registration if violation is not paid in full


ROCKLAND COUNTY — Dozens of drivers say they've had to pay hundreds of dollars in fines and late fees due to cashless tolling on the Mario Cuomo Bridge.

In some cases, drivers say the New York State Thruway Authority has threatened to suspend their car registration.

Traci Cohen, from West Nyack, says it happened to her in the spring after her husband drove over the Mario Cuomo Bridge without his E-Z Pass in the car.

"When I opened up the bill I was flabbergasted because he told me it was two violations and clearly on the paper, it stated two violations but there was over 900 dollars in fees," says Cohen.

The bill came a few months after the 'violation' happened, Cohen called customer service and was told to pay up.

"When I was trying to clear up and say that I would pay for it in full they said if I didn't clear it up now I was going to pay more money and then again saying to me that if it wasn't taken care of soon that they've made a note to it," Cohen.

Cohen was able to get them to reduce the fine down to under $500.

According to officials, the thruway authority has threatened to suspend drivers car registration if violations are not paid in full.

Drivers that receive late fee notices are urged to contact E-Z Pass immediately to resolve the issue.



Nyack, New York
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