Josh RultenbergSep 29, 2017, 7:36 amSep 29, 2017, 2:05 pm

Mount Vernon City Council member says the mayor’s brother assaulted him

Mt. Vernon mayor says in statement that Councilman Andre Wallace spit in his brother’s face


A Mount Vernon City Council member is accusing the brother of the city's mayor of assaulting him outside a bar Thursday night. The alleged incident comes after a history of contention between the two sides.

City Councilman Andre Wallace says after he walked into Maggie Spillane’s Thursday night, he was confronted by Steven Thomas better known as ‘Butch’, the brother of Mayor Richard Thomas. The two then stepped outside to talk when Wallace claims Butch sucker-punched him.

Steven Thomas, who is running for Mount Vernon City Council as a Republican, was holding a meet-and-greet at Maggie Spillane’s, according to his Facebook page.

Councilman Wallace, a Democrat, says he arrived around 8:30 p.m. He spotted the mayor and his brother outside. Immediately, Butch approached Wallace inside and asked him what he was doing there. After the two went back-and-forth, Wallace claims Butch threatened to beat him up. Wallace then asked if they could not cause a scene inside and go outside to talk. Both went around the side of the restaurant where Wallace says the mayor and his police detail were standing.

Wallace then claims after Butch got in his face and the police officer moved to break it up. When Wallace turned his head to look at the officer, he says that's when Butch sucker-punched him in the left ear. The officer then apparently slammed Wallace against the wall and threatened to arrest him. Wallace says, “I said, you are supposed to be arresting this gentleman because he just assaulted me. I asked him to arrest him and they would not obey the law.”

Wallace says the mayor and officer claimed they didn't see anything. “The mayor and the rest of them are lying but that’s the usual business here in Mount Vernon,” says Wallace.

Butch then walked back inside and the mayor left. Police arrived within minutes and told Wallace to come back to the station to write a report. He says he was still bleeding once he got there and was told to go to the hospital.

Doctors told Wallace there’s a laceration to the inner part of the ear but there was no damage to his eardrum. Wallace says he plans on pressing charges against Butch and has filed a complaint against the officer.

“This bullying scare tactic — it’s not going to work forever,” says Wallace. “I’ve been threatened many times by Butch. I’ve been threatened by the mayor. I’ve been threatened by some of his other officer friends. I’m not going anywhere.”

Chanese Coleman, Wallace's former campaign manager, says she’s not shocked to hear about the incident. "No, because it's funny — I was talking to Andre the other week and I said if this continues, someone is going to end up getting hurt but I would never think it would be Andre."

All this comes after what Wallace described as years of turmoil between himself and the mayor and the mayor's family.

Meanwhile, Butch Thomas vehemently denies ever striking Wallace. “No. Hell no. Hell no. Are you kidding me?” says Butch Thomas.

Mayor Richard Thomas has released a statement saying, "My brother Butch Thomas advised me that Councilman Andre Wallace spit in his face, an act that was wholly uncalled for and reprehensible. I have known Councilman Wallace to be hot-tempered in the past. It is my understanding that my brother is pursuing charges against Wallace for this unprovoked attack. I have no further information."

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