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Indivisible Westchester protests gun violence outside of the Republican Committee office

Protesters call for a ban on assault weapons


WHITE PLAINS — After the deadly shooting at a Flordia high school, members of Indivisible Westchester protested gun violence outside of the Westchester Republican Committee office. Democratic State Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer wants Washington to hear their message.

"This is the time to speak up for moral courage; the stakes are so high. Thoughts and prayers are fine; they're just not enough,” said Mayer. “This rally is really a reminder that our job is to take action to protect our children and the community. That's what we're going to keep fighting for."

The protesters are calling for a ban on assault weapons and want schools to be a safe place for children.

"We're here today because we believe that change is possible. We're not powerless, we're not powerless at all,” said Bronxville protester Cari Pattison. “We can stand up for the laws that need to be changed."

Protestors say they want stricter gun laws, and if that doesn't happen their voices will be heard when they vote in the November election.

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