J'nelle AgeeOct 24, 2017, 6:47 pm

Metro-North announces new plan to improve 'slip-side' conditions

The MTA plans on phasing out the MetroCard by 2023


NEW ROCHELLE — Metro-North announced a series of changes on Tuesday, addressing issues like rider safety and the future of the MetroCard.

A new plan will help fight wet leaves left on the train tracks. The leaves can create a slime-like substance which engineers call "slip-slide", which prevents trains from properly stopping when engineers apply their brakes.

Officials say work trains will now spray high-pressure water jets to clear the tracks of wet leaves and debris.

The MTA also announced plans on phasing out the MetroCard by 2023.

A new system will be implemented allowing passengers to use their phones to purchase and use MetroCard’s instead of swiping a card at a turnstyle.

Metro-North already has an app where passengers can purchase tickets on their phone.

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