J'nelle AgeeDec 4, 2017, 9:41 am

Newburgh City Council budget calls to layoff a dozen firefighters

FD avoided layoffs in the past by applying for federal funding


NEWBURGH — Newburgh City Council recently adopted a 2018 budget of nearly $39,000,000, which includes the layoffs of 12 city firefighters.

Over the past several years, the fire department has avoided layoffs, by receiving federal funding, to pay for firefighters salaries and benefits but those funds are set to run out next year.

In 2013, the department applied for over $2,000,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to hire 15 new firefighters.

In 2016 the department received $2,000,000 to save 12 firefighters who were scheduled to be laid off.

Fire officials say the grants allowed the department to raise its personal level to 70 people, improving fire response times.

Officials from the department say they will apply for another round of federal funding, but they're not sure if funds will be allocated to keep firefighters employed.

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