Mary MuellerNov 7, 2017, 9:49 pm

‘People engaged in our democracy’: Hundreds turn out to vote

Rockland County voters realize importance of casting ballots


NEW CITY – The race for top leader is underway in Rockland County. Polls are open, and Rockland County Executive Ed Day is facing his opponent, Democrat Maureen Porette.

Voter turnout has been strong in New City, with people saying why it was so important to get out and vote.

“The turnout is amazing, and it’s exactly what I wanted to see. I want to see the people engaged in our democracy,” says Day, surprised by the wait to cast his ballot.

At the St. Augustine Parish Center, there have been hundreds of voters throughout the day. By 1 p.m., more than 800 people cast their vote – just seven hours after the polls opened.

For many voters, they feel that it’s about choosing leaders who directly affect their way of living.

New City resident Dennis Humenn says, “I think it’s important to vote for every election – local or national – especially as a young person."

Election officials predict voting numbers won't beat that of a presidential election, but they do say that turnout is strong.

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