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Dozens of activists call on Sen. Charles Schumer to block Trump’s SCOTUS pick

CD17 Indivisible says they are afraid of Brett Kavanaugh’s conservative views


PEEKSKILL – Dozens of activists from CD17 Indivisible gathered outside Sen. Charles Schumer’s Peekskill office to protest President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick of Brett Kavanaugh. The protesters called on Schumer and congressional Democrats to block the president's choice.

The protesters said they are afraid of President Trump's recent Supreme Court pick because of his conservative views. Only senators can confirm a Supreme Court judge.

"It's going to hurt the court, it's going to hurt the court's legitimacy, and it's going to hurt the country,” Peekskill resident Christine Button said.

"How willing we are to lay ourselves on the line. How willing we are to make change happen," Peekskill Robert Kesten said.

Sen. Schumer spoke about Trump’s recent pick on Tuesday.

"The pro hard right business heritage foundation wants only nominees who will side with the big boys against the average person,” Schumer said. “And in Judge Kavanaugh, they've gotten someone who will do just that. We cannot let that happen"

Meanwhile, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch feels like Democrats are getting in the way.

"It seems strange that every time a Supreme Curt comes from the Republicans, there’s every reason in the world not to confirm that nominee in the eyes of the Democrats. Even without the first day of hearings, we're getting that type of a situation it's hard to believe. It's really hard to believe," Hatch said.

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