Stephanie GiangFeb 26, 2018, 12:12 am

Activists call on Gov. Cuomo to take up commitment to clean energy

Interfaith group help vigil outside of governor’s home in Mount Kisco


PEEKSKILL— A group of interfaith leaders and concerned residents gathered outside of Governor Cuomo's home in hope that the governor will "walk the talk" on his commitment for the environment and to demonstrate the courage to be a true climate leader.

Grassroots groups like the Healing and Protecting our Land Together voice their concerns through prayers and song in Mount Kisco Sunday.

"We're trying to wake up people to the issues around us. We're not in silos looking at one issue at the time but as a whole. We need to respect the natural world that's been given to us by our creator," said Bette Ann Jaster, co-founder of Healing and Protecting our Land Together.

Residents want Governor Cuomo to hear their call to prayer and hope he will be the true climate hero for a safe and healthier future, for all of New York.

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