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Local acts take the stage in New Rochelle to rebuild Puerto Rico, Houston

Habitat for Humanity of Westchester uses music to help bring those impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Maria home


Several New Rochelle musicians created a musical Sunday afternoon to bring hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico and Houston home.

Local bands played a benefit concert for Habitat for Humanity of Westchester County on Main Street in a community effort to bring aid to areas impacted by natural disasters.

Habitat for Humanity of Westchester County CEO Killoran wants to raise around $5,000 and says many people in the community are willing to help.

"We've had an anonymous donor who is going to match anything that is given including what anyone gives online," Killoran said.

Habitat for Humanity is not only working hard to raise money for hurricane victims but also to get volunteers to travel to Puerto Rico later this month.

Many participants were College of New Rochelle students with a special connection to areas impacted by hurricanes over the past few months.

"A lot of the students are actually from Puerto Rico and have family that is affected by the hurricane there so they're very happy to be able to do something to help their families," CNR Music Director Xhani Rrogi said.



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