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Andrew Cuomo, Marc Molinaro prepare for Gubernatorial showdown

Republican candidate calls the governor’s celebration the ‘Cuomo Corruption Tour’


MANHATTAN – Governor Andrew Cuomo defeated Cynthia Nixon in the primary Thursday night and will now face Republican Candidate Marc Molinaro in the general election.

Cuomo said Thursday’s New York primary race had one of the highest voter turnouts in history.

“The total vote was something close to like 1,500,000 people. That's never happened. That is a revolution. That is a wave,” Cuomo said.

Molinaro spoke outside Penn station Friday morning criticizing Cuomo.

“If New Yorkers believe that the president should be investigated than surely, surely, they believe that Andrew Cuomo should be investigated. And if Democrats believe that the president should be impeached surely they must believe the same of Andrew Cuomo,” Molinaro said.

Molinaro describes Cuomo’s celebration it as the “Cuomo Corruption Tour.” Molinaro believes the governor opened the Mario Cuomo Bridge early, risking the safety of the public, for the benefit of his own campaign.

“This governor may not have broken New York, but he's done nothing to fix it. And he's spent every day of the last twelve years using it to benefit himself politically,” Molinaro said.

Molinaro also said Cuomo is responsible for a failed transit system and he's ready to fix it, starting with new leadership in the MTA.

“Instead of focusing on vanity projects or the colors of tiles in the midtown tunnel or by the way stealing money from the MTA and sending it up to projects that have nothing to do with transit. We're going to focus the NY state taxpayer dollar on signal switches and subway cars, on platform rehab and accessibility,” Molinaro said.

Cuomo disagrees and is proud of the New York’s infrastructure. Cuomo said the quality of the MTA is affected by funding.

“The MTA has been given a short shrift for 50 years. You have 40-year-old subway cars, 100-year-old subway cars and they have to be replaced. We brought in the best manager we could find. The estimate is $43,000,000. It can be done. You know we can do it. The question is $43,000,000. Where does the $43,000,000 dollars come from? That is the question,” Cuomo said.

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