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Children approached by strangers near school in Ossining and nearby Pleasantville

Police say it is unclear if both incidents are related


It's something all parents worry about: their kids being approached by a stranger, and those fears came true in Ossining and Pleasantville. Authorities say it happened to two children at two different schools in close proximity to each other.

In one case at Ann Dorner Middle School, police say a female student was approached by a young male in an orange and red minivan. The male asked the student where she lived and if she needed a ride home.

The incident prompted Ossining police to issue a statement about patrol around the schools.

The statement reads in part:

"When it's time to go home, we'll be there, also. You may not see police officers standing in the middle of the crowd, but trust us, we're in the area watching. We're going to try to make this as normal as possible for the kids but we're going remain vigilant and make sure that no one tries to harm them. Last, if you see something unusual, don't be afraid to call us. We're here to help."

A similar incident also took place, only a few miles from Ossining in Pleasantville where a child was approached by a man, but there is no word yet if the two incidents are connected.

Officers and the school district are both asking residents if they see any suspicious behavior to report it.



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