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Baseball legend honored with contracts valued over $30M

Jackie Robinson’s legacy continues with a piece of history


NEW ROCHELLE — The original Major League Baseball contracts signed by baseball player Jackie Robinson are now up for sale. On Wednesday, the contracts that were signed by the Hall of Fame player early in his career were valued at over $30 million. It’s simply not every day that anyone has a chance to own a piece of rich history.

“In 1945, [Robinson] signed his Minor League contract, and that was with Montreal Royals and got paid $600 per month,” said Ken Golden of Golden Auctions. “And with the Brooklyn Dodgers, he received $5,000 for the entire season, which resulted in him winning the first-ever Rookie of the Year award and the Dodgers going to the World Series.”

Robinson was the first African-American to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball. His determination to play the game he loved so much helped open doors for other athletes of color. Every year on April 15, every major league team celebrates Jackie Robinson Day to honor his legacy.

“A win-win for us would be a corporation that wants to use [the contracts] for marketing and promotion for a few years and then donate [them] to the Jackie Robinson museum that’s being built right now that’s opening next year,” Golden said.

If no one buys the contracts by the end of April, then they will go up for auction. However, no matter who buys them, 10 percent of the proceeds will go towards supporting the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

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