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Bill aims to tackle wage gap by eliminating employers’ ability to ask for salary history

Legislator Catherine Borgia says this business practice perpetuates unequal pay


WHITE PLAINS — It's a known fact there is a gender pay gap in the U.S., with women often making far less than their male counterparts. But one Westchester lawmaker wants to stop aiding the problem here at home.

Employers can normally ask prospective hires about their salary history, but that would no longer be the case under Westchester Legislator Catherine Borgia’s proposed bill.

"My legislation on salary history says that people aren't allowed to ask them their salary history because it disproportionately impacts women and people of color," Legislator Borgia said.

Borgia says too often women and minorities are paid less for the same work as their white male counterparts, and salary history used as a baseline perpetuates the pay gap. If the bill passes, Westchester would be the first county to have such a law, though New York City put a similar law on the books last year.

Republican Legislator John Testa challenged the proposal in a statement issued to FiOS1 News, saying in part: "Generally, we are hesitant to place additional or burdensome regulations on small businesses at the county level which would put Westchester businesses at a competitive disadvantage."

If Borgia's bill can make it out of committee, it would likely pass.



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