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First on FiOS1 News: Boy Scout aims to renovate 9/11 memorial in Suffern

Daniel Munitz is attempting to raise $8K for the project, achieve Eagle Scout rank


SUFFERN – Boy Scout from Suffern Daniel Munitz is working to achieve his Eagle Scout rank by sprucing up a 9/11 memorial next to the Village of Suffern Town Hall. He wants to achieve his fundraising goal of $8,000. If that happens, he plans to install fences around the 2,000-square-foot area to control foot traffic, add at least two to four stone benches, and upgrade the current landscape with more trees and flowers.

Daniel has been a scout for over 10 years, but the past few months he has been working towards his Eagle Scout rank by renovating this 9/11 memorial. The current memorial honors firefighters and residents from Suffern who lost their lives during the tragedy and one firefighter who perished from the World Trade Center bombing back in 1993.

"It looks off. It's currently just a stone pathway with two signs. One of the signs is kind of falling apart a little bit. It just needs renovation,” Daniel said.

Daniel’s mother, Deborah Munitz, and Village of Suffern Mayor Edward Markunas are pleased that his Eagle Scout project is for a great cause.

"I'm very pleased. I think that his experience in Boy Scout camp has really developed that willingness to go out there and be a leader, and I'm really happy that he's bringing it back to Suffern," Deborah Munitz said.

Village of Suffern Mayor Edward Markunas said the program is outstanding.

"Being an Eagle Scout is a tremendous feat in itself. But to come in and honor the victims of the 9/11 attack here and then memorialize them, with our memorial here in the Village of Suffern is outstanding."

Daniel said people can visit his gofundme page if they'd like to donate or get more information.

Daniel is looking to begin the manual labor on this project near the end of August, and with the help of volunteers, complete it by this Sept. 11.

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