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Storm causes power outages in Brewster

Residents are waiting for NYSEG to get power back up and running again


BREWSTER – Cleanup is underway in Brewster following the violent storms, which knocked out power to thousands of homes and business. The storm that hit across New York on Wednesday left severe damage to homes and streets. Many roads are currently blocked by caution tape and traffic cones, and dangerous electric poles are down and large trees have fallen on people's lawns.

Cooledge Drive is one of many streets in Brewster that are without power. Nearly the entire town lost power during the storm. NYSEG is reporting that more than 6 million customers in the area are without power; that's nearly the entire community.

Businesses owners in Brewster hope the power will be back soon so they can better serve their customers.

“We’re just waiting. Hopefully, NYSEG will get it done, which they do a pretty good job around here," Vilson Vataj, who owns two restaurants, said. "Brutal, I had like three trees hit my house," Vataj said. "I’m going to try calling the fire department to try to get dry ice somewhere. If not I’ll cancel all my deliveries for today and tomorrow. Hopefully, we get power soon."

"At 4 o’clock a.m., I’m here again. Waiting for the customers, but just cash. No coffee, no gas. We do the best we can," Brewster Mobil Mart manager Mayra Vanegas said.

Some residents have been powering their homes through the use of generators.

"I was watching these tall pine trees, I was really worried it was going to come down. I was really worried about those two trees there. It was pretty scary; it really looked like a tornado coming.” Brewster resident Thomas Hunter said. "I have my generator going; I had it going since last night."

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