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Gun expert shows FiOS1 News how bump stocks make certain weapons fire like machine guns

12 were found in Las Vegas gunman's hotel room, igniting debate over their legality


MOUNT VERNON — People are now learning bump fire stocks make rifles more lethal after 12 were found in the Las Vegas gunman's hotel room, igniting debate over whether people should be allowed to buy and use them.

"The stock is one continues piece from the pistol grip to the stock and allows to slide back and forth on the buffer tube." says Cesar Pinero, a shooting instructor at Pioneer Shooting Center in Mount Vernon. He explained that bump stocks mimic certain fire arms like machine guns.

He showed FiOS1 News two AR-15s. One AR-15 is curved and legal in New York and what most people have and a bump stock isn't compatible with it. But the second AR-15 is straight and a bump stock could be used.

Some people New York State own them and can use them legally because they were grandfathered in prior to the state’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, also known as the SAFE Act.

"If they are already had the gun and registered it, they could put the bump stock on it," Pinero says.

But under New York state law, bump stocks are illegally to use.

The company is no longer taking new orders since the Las Vegas shooting.

Pinero says the Las Vegas gunman was no marksmen because bump stocks make the shooter less accurate due to the kickback. Still, Pinero says they can be very deadly.

"Any evil that would take place, it would make it easier for the person to shoot more people," Pinero says.

While they are illegal to use in New York they can be sold in the state. Lawmakers in Albany are aware of the state's loophole and took action on Thursday by proposing two bills that would make it illegal to sell, have or transport the device and accessories like it in the state.



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