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Local activists board bus, head to Washington, D.C. to fight for immigrant youth rights

Advocates aim to push Congress to pass the ‘Clean Dream Act’


YONKERS — The clock is ticking for those who were brought over the border by their parents without documentation. They're called “dreamers” and those people and their supporters are in Washington, D.C. trying to get the attention from Congress.

Dozens of protestors got up before the sun Thursday morning and packed onto a bus headed to the nation’s capital with the one goal to send a message to Congress.

"We want the 'Clean Dream Act' to be passed," said Diana Ordoenz of the Yonkers Sanctuary Movement.

With the Trump Administration rescinding DACA, thousands of immigrants will be vulnerable of being deported.

The president has left four more months for Congress to find new legislation to replace the program. Activists headed to D.C. said in the two months that have already passed, they feel like nothing has been done.

"Which has put many of the dreamers and people who benefited from the program at peril because they don't have that protection from deportation anymore. Many people are going to start losing their jobs and their work permits," Ordoenz said.

So, the Yonkers Sanctuary Movement and United We Dream went to Washington, D.C. to get the “Clean Dream Act” passed. It would offer protection to parents who brought their children across the border without documentation. It would also offer a pathway to citizenship that DACA does not include.

"We don't want more raids, we don't want border patrol, we don't want our parents to be criminalized as it was with DACA. So that's one of the things we are asking for. We are demanding it," said Yonkers Sanctuary Movement board member Karina Davila.

The groups have an uphill battle with one month to go before Congress takes on a long holiday break starting Dec. 15.

Rallygoeres also say it is important that the “Clean Dream Act” passes in Congress instead of relying on an executive order that can be changed at any time.

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