Josh RultenbergOct 9, 2017, 11:19 am

Out of this world: Car struck by meteorite in Peekskill lands in French museum exhibit

Chevy Malibu Classic was damaged when the chunk of interstellar rock fell on October 1992


Twenty-five years ago, a meteorite landed in the city of Peekskill. It made national headlines because when it landed, it tore through a car. Now that car will soon be on display at an exhibition on meteorites in France.

Back on Oct. 9, 1992, then 18-year-old Michelle Knapp parked her 1980 Chevy Malibu Classic in front of a house at 207 Wells St. Little did she know, a 26.5-pound space rock would go right through her trunk and 25 years later the car would end up in Paris.

Just before the meteorite landed, 16 cameras in several eastern states captured the meteor's trail through the sky.

The Journal News has reported on this story for years. They say it was after eight on a rainy, Friday night when Knapp was watching TV at her house here on Wells Street when she heard a crash. She then came outside to find what was described as a football-sized rock that had gone through the back right of her car's trunk.

At first, city police had stored the meteorite in its evidence room but then gave it back to the Knapps. The rock and car were eventually sold.

Darryl Pitt, the Malibu’s current owner who also bought a piece of the meteorite, told USA Today Museum Nationale D'Histoire Naturelle will have his car on display over the next four months.The exhibit, translated in English is called "Meteorites, between heaven and earth."

This isn't the first time the Malibu is being shown off. For six months back in 1993, the American Museum of Natural History in New York City displayed the car.

Pitt considers the Peekskill meteorite car to be the most famous thing a meteorite has ever struck besides earth itself. With all that said, Peekskill Mayor Frank Catalina says there are no official plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the meteorite.

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