Diane CarusoJul 8, 2018, 7:10 pmJul 8, 2018, 7:11 pm

Car torched by garage fire in Mount Vernon

Officials say it was most likely sparked by workers who were repairing the roof of the structure


MOUNT VERNON — A torched car, melted metal, and three standing walls are all that's left of a detached garage near 37 Pearl Street in Mount Vernon after a fire burned almost everything Sunday.

Fire officials say they are exploring the possibility that the fire was accidentally caused by the roofers but when the fire department arrived on the scene, shortly after 11 a.m., they were not around.

First responders were able to contain the fire in about 45 minutes with the help of 17 firefighters and five companies. No civilian or firefighter was hurt but physical damage is everywhere. The Honda Civic that was parked near the garage, half of its exterior melted. The woman who lives close by isn't sure why they were working on the garage because it looked fine.
MTA officials were on scene since the fire was in close proximity to the tracks, but officials tell us service was not disrupted.

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