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State officials, community members react to law stopping harassment from realtors

Community members say this law is a welcome change


NEW CITY – A new law in one Rockland County Village aiming to stop residents from being harassed by real estate agents looking to purchase their homes has recently positive reactions from the community

Over the last two years, State Senator David Carlucci has gotten dozens of letters complaining about solicitors. Currently, the law only protects residents in chestnut ridge who put their name on a list found on the Department of State's (DOS) website but Carlucci says the DOS is looking into county-wide laws to stop real estate solicitation across all of Rockland.

"This is a much-needed measure. Unfortunately, people have felt intimidated in the village and this is a step in the right direction," Carlucci said.

Better Homes and Gardens Realty Manager J.P. Endres said it will also stop realtors from sending community updates but more importantly, it will change the way they can do their jobs

“We can't approach any homeowners to find out if there's anybody looking to sell who's not currently on the market," Endres said. "It's difficult. You're going to be going back towards traditional marketing. Certainly your reputation as a realtor and as a company."

Endres attributes the increase in solicitation to a shift in the desire of religious groups who want to move into particular parts of the county

"When you have people who are looking to live in a community, there's an aggressive nature to try to find housing in that very limited space," Endres said.

Those who have received two and three mailers a day call the cease and desist zone a win for the community

"Do I want to open up my mailbox and see this stuff on a regular basis? Absolutely not," Cupon Chestnut Ridge Chair Hilda Kogut said.

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