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DACA supporters rally outside lawmaker’s office in Peekskill, call on for clean Dream Act

Advocates demand protections for nearly 800K ‘dreamers’


PEEKSKILL — Protesters gathered outside the office of Sen. Charles Schumer Tuesday to discuss the proposed Omnibus Bill, which does not protect undocumented young immigrants. Organizers say the meeting was cancelled and representatives for Schumer were a no-show.

"This is our senator. We are paying his salary, we are paying those staffers' salaries and they don't even have the courage to see us in person," said organizer Ingrid Morales.

Protesters then rallied outside of the Peekskill office demanding protections for the nearly 800,000 young immigrants who call the United States home.

"He is a dream killer if he does not commit to not signing that Omnibus Spending Bill, unless it includes the Dream Act," Morales added.

“Dreamers” who are recipients of DACA say the program has awarded them many opportunities.

"I study at the City University of New York. I am looking forward to becoming a lawyer and DACA has given me so many opportunities just as to having a driver's license, me being able to have a job, paying my taxes like everyone else, going to college, dreaming for a better future. And without the Dream Act, everything will really come to an end for me," said Kevin Cruz.

“Dreamers” are hoping Congress will pass a clean Dream Act.

"DACA pretty much just allows me to work legally and have a social security, but it does not allow me to go to college for free nor does it give me any governmental assistance," said Lorena Linares.

If Congress does not extend, DACA “dreamers” face a number of hardships.

"Once my DACA expires, my file will be sent in for deportation," Cruz said.

"My family, my parents, I have to support them, help them out. I have brothers and sisters, so that all comes into effect. And if the Dream Act is taken away from us, if DACA is taken away, then I don't know what I’m going to be doing," Linares said.

Government funding expires on Dec. 8, and “dreamers” say they plan to protest until a permanent Dream Act is established.

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