Stephanie GiangMar 8, 2018, 2:13 pmMar 8, 2018, 2:13 pm

Fallen trees, debris left in communities throughout Hudson Valley after nor’easter

Officials urge residents to stay away from low hanging or damaged electrical wires


YONKERS — There is major tree damage throughout the Lower Hudson Valley following Wednesday’s winter storm.

Massive tree trunks have fallen in front of homes in the Town of Greenburgh.

In Irvington, a transformer fire spread through Taxter Road due to wires and trees being down.

People in the area said the storm damage and clean up slowed them down.

"Delayed me a lot. I was supposed deliver at 6 a.m. Didn't get there until almost 10," said Vinnie Singhoffer of Yonkers.

A major power line came down on Lockwood Avenue in Yonkers. Cars were crushed due to the storm and some were snowed in or trapped by debris.

"Bad, obviously…can't get my car to get out to get to work," said Justin Garcia of Yonkers.

Meantime, officials are warning residents to stay away from downed or low-hanging power lines as they may still be energized.

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