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Deadly car accident at Mark Lane leaves 1 dead, street without power

Neighbors: Accident made a loud noise, lights went out, children screamed


NEW CITY – Clarkstown police have confirmed one person died in a car accident on Mark Lane Saturday night. Jeep Wrangler was involved in the incident, and it’s the front windshield was broken, meaning a person might have been ejected from the car.

The area has been closed off for several hours while police conduct an accident investigation.

Police are not releasing any information about the victim yet.

Neighbors said the accident made a loud noise and knocked out the power.

“All of sudden we heard this loud crash and the lights went out and kids were screaming and that was the worst part because they were screaming for a while. So we went out to look and right away I called the Clarkstown police and asked them to dispatch out and you couldn't see anything because all the power was gone on the block no power,” resident Jeannie Rippa said.

Neighbors believe the driver must've been going well over the speed limit before the crash.

I would assume [the person was going fast.] It was a Saturday night, they were out late, and it has to be kids because they were out there screaming and the speed limits 30 and we are right by a school and people are normally not going too fast.

Orange and Rockland worked to restore power overnight and the Clarkstown police sent their accident investigation unit to the scene until early Sunday morning. Police are still waiting to release more information about the victim.

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