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Drowsy driving statistics that will keep you up at night

AAA reports that driving tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk


YONKERS — A new American Automobile Association study on drowsy driving shows it can be just as dangerous as distracted driving or driving under the influence.

AAA looked at more than 3,500 drivers and more than 700 crashes. The data showed that “drowsy driving” was a factor in more than 9 percent of those crashes. AAA also says drowsy driving accidents are three times more likely to happen at night.

"If you miss two or three hours of sleep, you can be so sleep deprived that it's akin to being drunk. So, drowsy is the new drunk when it comes to being behind the wheel," Media Relations Manager Robert Sinclair Jr. said.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend people get at least seven hours of sleep.

"Drinking coffee might help, but it's only going to stimulate you in the short term. Rolling down the window, playing the radio loud, all those things don't help. When you're drowsy and you're sleepy, you need to get some sleep," Robert Sinclair Jr. said.

AAA says their statistics are in sharp contrast to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which showed driver drowsiness was only involved in less than 2 percent of all crashes. They also say there's no easy fix for this issue other than getting more sleep and stopping off in a safe place like a rest area if someone feels tired while driving.

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