Mary MuellerNov 23, 2017, 3:31 pm

Early bargain hunters camp out for holiday sales this Thanksgiving

FiOS1 News caught up with shoppers braving the cold outside retailer in Yonkers


YONKERS — The holiday shopping craze is on and this year the door busters are starting early. While many sit at the Thanksgiving table to enjoy the meal, there are others who will be shopping.

When the doors open at the Best Buy on Central Avenue open at 5 p.m., three friends who have been camping outside, braving the cold with about 15 other people since 9 p.m. Wednesday, will be ready.

Sabill Sanchez of Manhattan joined his friends Gustavo Perez and Diego Mamani from Mount Vernon who've done this before. They opted specifically for Best Buy on Central Avenue.

"I’m waiting for that big screen television over there," Sanchez said referring to a 65-inch television that he says has been marked down from $1,000 and change to about $800.

"I am buying a TV too, and an XBox." said Sanchez’s friend Gustavo Perez of Mount Vernon.

“I came for three stuff and that's it,” Perez said. “Yesterday I came in with my girlfriend to check out the spot so I know where to go."

So what do their families think about them spending thanksgiving outside best buy? During the interview, Sanchez received a call from his wife.

"I think he's crazy," Sanchez’s wife said while laughing.

"Luckily, we have a system and you know, we help each other out… Manani said. “You go, you know, meet up with our families real quick. We take turns holding each other’s spot on line."

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