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Mount Vernon Seventh Day Adventist Church hosts Father’s Day event

Event brings families together, creates male mentors


NEW ROCHELLE – The Mount Vernon Seventh Day Adventist Church held a community outreach, all you can eat barbecue in honor of Father’s Day. The event was designed to bring together fathers from their church, the community, and elsewhere to relax, eat, hangout, play games, and create relationships to have male mentors if they ever need one.

"It's to celebrate that great gift, that opportunity, to say thank you to past generations. Those who came and gave us what we had today," Pastor Pierre Laguerre said.

Jordan Blair she said appreciates what her dad does for the church yet still making time to do little things for her.

"Someone that I count on t just take time and relax with me. And we watch superhero videos together. So I look forward to that after a long day of work or school. It's nice to just look forward to that,” Blair said.

Fathers at the barbecue remember when they truly learned what it meant to be a father.

"I could not express what it meant until it actually happened. The day I saw my daughter being born. It was an eye opener. I had no clue until she was there," Frank Blair said.

"It means the world. It's allowing me to give apart of myself to somebody else, and watch them grow," Anthony Reid said.

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