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First on FiOS1 News: Clarkstown PD’s new chief is a nearly 30-year veteran

Raymond McCullagh’s experience includes 4 years with NYPD and attended FBI academy


The Clarkstown Police Department has a new chief. Long-time officer Raymond McCullagh will replace the embattled Michael Sullivan who was fired from the job last month.

McCullagh has been with the department for nearly 30 years. He says it’s in his blood.

“… My dad was a police officer and, yeah, pretty much during college I thought about it. Best thing I ever did,” McCullagh says, who spent four years with the New York City Police Department, attended the FBI Academy and has held virtually every position within the Clarkstown Police Department.

“The robbery that took place in 1993, shortly after he joined the job, and was actually involved in a shootout. So he actually knows, literally, you know, one of the few officers in the department that has actually been under fire, literally and figuratively, but literally as well and so I think residents will be impressed with that. I think he's a solid administrator, dedicated father, and very involved here within the community,” says Town Supervisor George Hoehmann.

Chief McCullagh will replace Sullivan, the former police chief who was suspended with pay over a year ago. Sullivan’s disciplinary hearings delayed the hiring process for a new chief, but on Sept. 12, the town council decided to fire Sullivan.

“New direction. Continuing with what works in the Clarkstown Police Department but looking for ways in which we can continue to make our department better and also find ways in which we can find savings for residents without jeopardizing public safety and I think Chief McCullagh will be able to do that,” says Supervisor Hoehmann.

Hoemann says Chief McCullagh has a three year contract. When asked for his goals over the next three years he said:

“I've lived here pretty much my whole life in Clarkstown, and definitely want it to be the safest place in the country.”

Chief McCullagh’s swearing in ceremony will be on Tuesday at town hall.



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