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First on FiOS1 News: There will be no Westchester gun show this January

County Exec.-Elect transition team says incumbent did not sign off on holding another event


WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. — There will not be a gun show at the county center in Westchester this January, according to the co-chair of County Executive-Elect George Latimer’s transition team.

There had been reports that another show, which generated significant controversy when it was held last year, would be scheduled for this coming January at the county-owned event space.

The company that promotes the gun show had posted the event on their calendar, but the county had not. The gun show became an issue in the recent county executive race between incumbent Robert Astorino and Latimer.

In an interview with FiOS1 News’ Senior Political Correspondent Andrew Whitman for this weekend's FiOS1 Newsbreakers, Ken Jenkins, the co-chair of Latimer's transition team, said Astorino told Latimer he would not sign off on holding another gun show, given Latimer's objections. Here is an excerpt transcript of the interview:

Jenkins: “There was a contract that might be signed, etc., and, you know, County Executive Astorino said he would not do such a thing to the incoming administration, understanding the position of the incoming administration with County Executive Latimer.”

Whitman: “So, the Astorino administration did not sign a contract for the gun show and will not sign a contract.”

Jenkins: “That’s what they said.”

Whitman: “So, there will not be a gun show in January.”

Jenkins: “That is what we were told.”

A spokesman for the Astorino Administration could not immediately confirm Jenkins' claim, but noted that they were not aware of any contract that exists for another gun show.

Jenkins’ interview with Andrew Whitman can be seen on this weekend's edition Newsbreakers.



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