Jessica VallejoJun 30, 2018, 3:06 pm

The Fountainhead in New Rochelle closes after 5 decades

Residents wonder what will become of the area


NEW ROCHELLE – The Fountain Head will be shutting down as of June 30, after hosting events for more than five decades.

Residents and couples have been wondering what exactly will become of the iconic wedding venue.

Some have even speculated through social media that the building will be replaced with high rise apartment, however, that is not the case. The current city zoning doesn’t allow large-scale development where the fountainhead is located.

According to the Journal News the property is located in a neighborhood business zone, which does allow for ground floor commercial space beneath apartments. Buildings can be capped at two stories.

According to New Rochelle’s Commissioner of Development Luiz Aragon, the site is valuable to the community, and the property could be valuable for residents to go get their "basic stuff.”

Aragon also said with the current mix of residential housing and strip malls around the property, he doesn't' see a potentially larger scale development of the property because it could create parking problems.

Residents and couples said they are sad to see this iconic wedding venue go.

"We’re very, very sad to hear that such a great neighborhood place is closing," Youth Baseball New Rochelle president David Reifer said.

"The Fountainhead is an institution here and we've all been here many times, it's got a great reputation, and we're sorry to see it go," Youth Baseball New Rochelle board member Joseph DeBenedictis said.

Now, there were nearly 100 events planned between this July and the year 2020, almost all of them have been accommodated.

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