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Orangetown residents call on Gov. Cuomo to veto bill repurposing golf course

Cosponsor State Senator David Carlucci says the bill gives the town the ability to do whatever it wants with its golf course


ORANGETOWN – A bill on Andrew Governor Cuomo’s desk that would allow Orangetown the ability to repurpose its golf course is causing controversy, people who play on the course are calling on Cuomo to veto the bill.

The bill is sponsored by New York Senator David Carlucci and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, Carlucci said it gives the hamlet of Orangetown the flexibility to do whatever they want with the golf course.

"The legislation I was able to pass with their consent, gives them the ability to control their own destiny," Carlucci said.

People who use this golf course say they want to continue to play here.

"It’s a wonderful course for me, and I don't think we have anything in Rockland County like it," New City Esther Lombardi said.

Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day said a decision hasn't been made about the future of the golf course. He said if it is sold, the land would only be used for certain types of developments.

"Low impact, high economic benefit uses. Technology campuses, movie studios, that sort of thing," Day said.

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