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Gov. Cuomo continues school bus tour to pass gun control legislation

Red Flag Gun Production Bill seeks to separate mentally ill children from weapons


WHITE PLAINS – Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited the Hudson Valley on Tuesday to continue his statewide campaign to pass Red Flag Gun Production Bill. The bill will have teachers, school officials, family members, and police officers with the ability to petition judges if they believe someone is dangerous and has access to guns. For students under 18 who live in homes where there are firearms, a judge could order their parents to keep the weapons secured, or order the guns to be confiscated if they cannot be kept away from their children.

"In a parent's DNA, every cell says to protect your child, and if you believe your child is mentally ill, you want to get your child help," Cuomo said.

Westchester County’s District Attorney Anthony Scarpino said without this law, police can't legally stop someone at risk from owning or buying a gun.

"The most we can do is go out and talk to them, but if they legally are in possession of a weapon, even if we feel they're in crisis, we don't have the authority to separate them from their weapons temporarily," Scarpino said.

Cuomo's piece of legislation also has the support of many students in the Hudson Valley.

"We don't want to wake up every morning questioning if this will be the day we die or if this will be the day we have to mourn the loss of a loved one," White Plains High School student Kelly Marx said.

The bill currently has the support of every Democrat in the state Senate but is lacking just one Republican vote to pass.

"Democratic children are being killed and Republican children are being killed; this is not a partisan political issue," Cuomo said.

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