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‘Green Westchester Pledge’ encourages the county to go green

George Latimer, county officials hope to reduce the county’s carbon footprint


WHITE PLAINS – Westchester County Executive George Latimer and all 34 members on his floor have recently signed a "Green Westchester Pledge” Westchester County officials are hoping to reduce the county's carbon footprint. The pledge started as part of a YouTube video campaign to get the county to go green.

According to Peter McCartt, the Director of Energy Conservation and Sustainability, the office kitchen is the easiest place to start because they can move away from using paper and plastic.
McCarty mentions that there is no penalty, and no one will be losing their job if they don't do everything on this list. The pledge is to help everyone become greener and conscious of their decisions and hopefully, others will begin to follow.

“And we said if we're going to talk the talk, we have to walk the walk. So we're showing this by leading by example here on the ninth floor," McCartt said

The pledge mentions using daylight when it's bright, both sides of paper when printing, using power strips and turning them off when they're not being used and carpooling. Small things that add up.

"I think it's really great that everyone here on the ninth floor is trying to do their own little part. Trying to set that goal for everybody and I think the way you get a lot of things done is if everybody tries a bunch of small things and kind of builds off that together,” Assistant to the County Executive Copper Crane said.

According to reports, the green movement here and throughout the Westchester executive’s floor is starting to pique the interest of other local organizations and departments to get greener.

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