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Town supervisor: Residents’ work with police credited in crime downturn in Greenburgh

Supervisor Tom Feiner says crime rate dropped nearly 20 percent in 2017


GREENBURGH — Town Supervisor Paul Feiner says the crime rate has dropped nearly 20 percent in just the last year. Feiner says the significant reduction has been a result of law enforcement and members of the community working together.

Reductions were observed in categories like aggravated assault, burglary, homicide and larceny. In just 2017, a total of 671 offenses were reported as compared to 839 in 2016. That's a decrease of close to 200 crime offenses. Burglary decreased by 17 percent and larceny by 23 percent.

Feiner says the reason why those numbers went down is because of community outreach and education.

"We are telling people to leave lights on. A lot of people have now the video cameras at their doors, people have been smarter. We have neighborhood watch committees. So all the education and community outreach it is helping the police," Feiner said.

Feiner added that he wanted to thank the community and hopes they could continue to work together to keep bringing crime rates down.

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