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Ferry riders delighted after service between Haverstraw and Ossining is restored

MTA decided in December to shut down operations on Hudson River due to effects of winter weather


OSSINING — After ice put a freeze on ferry service, people who commute from Haverstraw to Ossining can now use the ferry to get across the Hudson River once again. The first group of passengers stepped off the ferry in the Westchester County community at exactly 6:15 a.m. Thursday.

After having to travel by bus to get to the Metro-North station for about eight weeks now, commuters say they are glad they don't have to get up 30 minutes early to catch a bus to get on the train.

"It's good to be able to go back on the train and not have to travel as long to get to work every day in the city," said Matt Sadoff, who commutes from Haverstraw.

Back in December, the decision was made by MTA to shut service down until the weather improved. According to MTA, the ice on the river has routinely stalled the boats for periods ranging from days to months in the decade since the ferry service was revived.

A few weeks ago, the Hudson was a sheet comprised of ice particles. Today the river looks pristine and clear. People who ride the ferry daily like Josh Carchi of Stony Point think it is a sign of the warmer weather to come.

"I hope to see a little bit of warmer weather. It will be good, it’ll be convenient for all of us commuters that have to wake up and get going," Carchi said.

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