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He isn’t old enough to vote, but that’s not stopping this Ardsley teen from running for mayor

David Oks says NJ Sen. Cory Booker encouraged him to get on the ballot


ARDLEY — An Independent write-in candidate for Ardsley’s mayoral race is busy campaigning just days ahead of Election Day, though he isn't even old enough to vote.

"The general mood in the entire country is pretty anti-establishment. I think the election, based on my personal experience, based on what I'm hearing, based on analytics, I think the election is getting pretty close," Oks said with confidence on Sunday night.

Sixteen-year-old David Oks is setting his sights on becoming Ardsley's new mayor, going head-to-head with Deputy Mayor Nancy Kaboolian in Tuesday's election.

Oks says he got the idea to run for office after spending time in Washington, D.C. with the Senate Page Program where New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker encouraged him to run for office.

"I think the day before he left he said, 'You know, whenever you get back to wherever you're from, you should run for office,'" Oks said.

And he's done just that. He has campaign signs, a staff of about 15 people and a chief of staff who is an 18-year-old classmate.

He wasn't able to get enough signatures to get his name on the ballot so he is running as a write-in candidate. And he's serious about improving Ardsley.

"Lowering the rate of growth in local property taxes, seeing what we can do to ease the traffic situation, we talk about improving the local downtown," Oks said.

He may not have his driver's license yet but that hasn't stopped him from campaigning in town either.

And his opponent actually lives a few doors down from him.

As Election Day draws closer, Oks looks to take the first step on what could be the beginning of a journey back to Washington.

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