Jessica VallejoApr 23, 2018, 4:49 pm

Hearing attempts to determine fate of condemned house from 1970s

Homeowner fights to restore home


YONKERS -- A private hearing was held in an attempt to determine the fate of a house that dates back to the 1970s, located at 235 to 239 Palisade Ave. on Monday. A few weeks ago, the City of Yonkers officials condemned the house; however, homeowner Victoria Ellman is now fighting to save the home.

During the hearing, the City of Yonkers agreed that it will contribute to the restoration of the home and discussed options with Ellman. Ellman believes it could take a year or so for their home to be renovated to code. Ellman said that once she finishes her litigation and obtains the permits, construction can officially begin at the house.

"We discussed what my initial plan was when I had originally inquired the property, and so I went over the plan for the property to do a full restoration," Ellman said.

Inspectors cited home violations, including unsafe electrical wires and a hole in the roof leaking throughout the home.

"The current staying condition of the house was certainly not fit for any habitation, what-so-ever. I was very acutely aware of this. And I tried to communicate this to the occupants," Ellman said.

At the time the home was condemned, her mother and aunt were living inside the home and were unhappy with leaving it.

"I expect right now, they are currently inside being spoken to by the building inspectors, and I’m sure they are very distressed because that's been their home for the past 40 years," Ellman said.

Ellman hopes when the restoration is complete the house will be considered a beautiful part of Yonkers.

"I just hope that the house will be restored and it will be another property that can add to the beauty of Yonkers again. And as you might be aware, a lot of houses like this existed, and I think it will be wonderful to have a home like this again," Ellman said.

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