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Transit commuters complain of homeless people sleeping inside waiting areas

Train, bus riders say MTA police has done nothing about complaints


MOUNT VERNON — Many commuters are complaining about homeless people sleeping in waiting areas, while they have to wait for their bus or train outside in the cold. Some even said they have reported this to the MTA Police, adding that nothing has been done.

As the homeless try to seek shelter from the cold weather, many are taking to train and bus station waiting areas. Video shot by FiOS1 News on Thursday at 4 a.m. show people asleep on benches, stairs and even the ground. For this reason, many commuters say they don't feel comfortable waiting inside.

"A lot of people rather not go inside there, deal with them because either they’re asking for money or they’re being belligerent. So, we rather just stay out here and just wait, brave the cold," said Barry Moseley of New Rochelle.

However, some are not in agreement. Other commuters said the homeless should be allowed to sleep where they can.

According to Metro-North Railroad rules and regulations, no one should:

- Block free movement of another person or persons: lie on the floor, platforms, stairs or landings; or occupy more than one seat.

Another section reads:

- Any police officer is empowered to issue an appearance ticket and/or order ejectment from a facility or train for violation of any of these

The site also says as soon as commuters notice any potential danger, they should tell an officer or MTA employee.

FiOS1 News reached out to the mayor’s office, but has not yet received a response.



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