Josh RhodenJun 18, 2018, 5:27 pm

Survivors of domestic abuse seek empowerment through 'Hope's Door'

Nonprofit helps victims find a 'sense of unspeakable confidence'


HAWTHORNE — After being in an abusive relationship in 2016, Mia walked into Hope's Door. Though she was married to her college sweetheart, Mia said she felt she was invisible.

"Nothing I said mattered. I was treated like I wasn't even in the house — marriage or relationship," she said.

Hope's Door introduced Mia to others in similar situations, where she got to hear stories of survival. Those personal experiences helped to empower her. And today, she lives a life of independence.

Helping hundreds of survivors each year, Hope's Door teaches that domestic abuse isn't just physical. For 38 years, the organization has provided safety and support for people of different races and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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