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Nyack Motor Lodge donates $10K to charity instead of being fined for prostitution, drug bust

Motel says it’s cleaning up its act, making money through legal ways


NEW CITY – The Center for Safety and Change in New City, which helps victims of sexual violence, received a $10,000 check from the Nyack Motor Lodge who is paying the non-profit instead of civil fines on Thursday.

This check is part of the agreement between Rockland County and a motel, which came under attack by a county for allowing prostitution and drug dealing to take place inside the building.

Rockland officials used the Public Nuisance Law to force the motel into cleaning up its act.

"What better way to respond to the exploitation of women than to further power an organization that serves victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking," Rockland County Executive Ed Day said.

The Center for Safety and Change's Deputy Executive Director Amy Siniscalchi said the money will go a long way for the non-profit. The plan is to use it to fund advocacy, counseling, support groups, and education programs.

"It sends a message to all of Rockland County to the criminals to the victims as well - that these - and to businesses that these crimes will not be tolerated here," Siniscalchi said.

The county says its work is not done yet, they will go after more businesses suspected of allowing illegal activity to happen and hope more settlements like this one go through.

"The message was sent out when we announced it that any other businesses are engaging in that kind of conduct, we intend on focusing on them and doing the same thing," Rockland District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said.

As for the motel, county officials said crime is down significantly and they're now making their money the legal way.

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